What is Karate

karate is a martial art of Japanese origin that deals with attacks through blocking, kicks, punches and strikes. Joint locks, restraints and takedowns are also used, but to a lesser extent. People variously practice it as a form of self-defence, a way of keeping healthy and a sport. As a self-defence system, karate teaches a set of principles that can be applied in any situation.
As a method of keeping fit and healthy, it develops balance, coordination, aerobic fitness, strength and flexibility. In addition, (and unlike many other physical activities) it also challenges the brain and requires constant mental alertness and agility. Finally, the sporting element allows people of a sporting inclination to test their karate skills against others in a safe and controlled environment. The practice of karate is divided into three elements: Kihon (basics), kata (forms) and Kumite (sparring). However, these three elements should not be considered separate, as they constantly overlap and rely on each other.


What is Shotokan

There are several major styles in Karate with Shotokan being the most widely practiced. A combination of Japanese and Okinawan training methods using punches, strikes kicks and sweeps with modern developments in sports and biomechanics …. SHOTOKAN KARATE is a most powerfull and efective Martial Art! 

What is a Dojo

A Dojo is a Japanese term which literally means “place of the Way”. As such it can refer to a formal training place for any of the Japanese do arts (for example Judo, Kendo, Aikido and Karate-Do) but typically it is considered the formal gathering place for students of a martial arts style to conduct training.

What are the benefits of Karate

For Health

Karate consists of a good mixture of cardiovascular endurance, strength training and flexibility exercises that are designed to benefit the whole body. Our purpose is to make sure that you work at a level that is comfortable yet challenging. People feel good when they are healthy, with a healthy body, you have a healthy mind. Everything from waking up in the morning, and thinking clearly at school or in our jobs in this fast-paced society that we live in becomes easier to deal with and more enjoyable when your body and mind are in tune.

For Self Defence

The effectiveness of good karate is well known and is used by many people in the security industry. The key to self defence however does not rely on punching and kicking alone, learning to be aware is one of the most useful skills you will learn until that awareness becomes a natural way of thinking. We don't want people to be paranoid or scared to walk the streets or to go to school, but many bad situations can be avoided and when they can’t you will be taught the techniques and strategies to deal with them.

For Concentration and Focus

Concentration is something that for many people has to be taught. Many doctors are now recommending people with learning difficulties to practice karate because of the concentration skills that are developed through the training; however we can all benefit from increased concentration, focus and coordination.

For Respect

Most educated people associate karate with discipline. This is because of the format in which the classes are taught. Karate classes are taught in an atmosphere of mutual respect between student and teacher and between student and student. The traditions of Japanese martial arts are practiced and these traditions create a great atmosphere for training.

For Goal Setting

Most people enter a karate club with visions of wearing a black belt. The realization of reaching that goal can be overwhelming without proper direction. As instructors we help individuals set reasonable goals so that a person can make these ambitions attainable. We use a grading or belt system which is held every three months. At each level the student knows in advance what is expected of them if they wish to grade. These gradings allow the student to progress gradually and serve as a great tool to asses where they are in their training and give a great sense of achievement.

For Confidence

You have to feel good about yourself and you have to trust in your abilities to be confident. Karate teaches you how to handle pressure by applying a little bit at a time. Every individual has a comfort zone. Once you realize that comfort zone you can start to push it and feel good about trying something you never imagined you could before. Karate is an endless learning experience that provides constant challenge.

Supervision & Guidance

Karate clubs, unlike many health clubs provide constant instruction by experienced coaches. Most people don't have the discipline to work out by themselves and it's human nature to work on what we already do well rather than to work at what is more difficult. By having the instructors lead a class through a planned routine you get a good balanced workout. Karate also promotes group support by having students work with each other under the guidance of an instructor.

For Sport

Karate as a sport has been on the increase since the late 1960s. It provides a method of testing your abilities in a controlled environment. The Kumite (fighting) is fast paced not only for the spectator, but requires precision skill and control by the competitor. The kata (forms) competition shows a combination of grace and power in technique through a series of choreographed movements that represent the competitor defending themselves in a multi attack environment. Both provide a sense of self accomplishment and build confidence by performing in front of their peers and an audience. At the Dojo we have produced many National and International Champions, both adults and children.

For Fun!

Not only do you benefit from learning the techniques and routines that karate provides, you do it with other people that share a common interest and more important it is enjoyable otherwise we wouldn’t have the membership that we do. As well as the training itself we have an active social programme, often organized by the members themselves.

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